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Cros-Arc offer a wide range of machines to suit your needs, be it a MIG, TIG or ARC welder, or Plasma Cutter, Cros-Arc have a machine to suit you. Take a look below at the range we have available from stock.


Metal - Clean Cut / Severed Cut

Steel 12 mm /18 mm

Stainless 10 mm /15 mm

Aluminium 10 mm /15 mm

230 v Input ( 16 amp fuse required for max output )

Max Output - 40 Amps

60 % Duty Cycle @ 40 Amps (40°C)

100 % Duty Cycle @ 32 Amps (40°C)

Requires around 100 LPM of Air @ 4.5 – 5 Bar

Weight - 12 Kg

This Cros-ArcPlasma 40 Plasma Cutter offers very impressive performance for a physically compact Plasma Cutter.

Features a Pilot Arc for safe, easy starting and cutting over perforated

It will cut a wide variety of materials inc steel, stainless steel, aluminium,copper & Titanium + all other metals.

Plasma Cutter is housed in a rugged metal case and has a built in Air Regulator
with easily adjusted air pressure control on the front panel. 

The Cros-Arc Plasma 40 Plasma Cutter also features an Italian made Trafimet Plasma Torch that can be removed in seconds, without tools, ideal for storage or if the Plasma Cutter is carried in a van for example.



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Power Supply (+15% /-15%) 230v 1Ph

Fuses A - T16

Regulation Field in MIG - 30-200A

Regulation Field in MMA - 25-200A

MIG Duty Cycle @ 60% - 200A

MMA Duty Cycle @ 60% - 200A

MMA Electrode Size - 1.6 - 4.0mm

Protection Class - IP21

Weight - 53KG

The CROS-ARC 201C MIG / MMA is an inverter based power source for the automotive and light fabrication industries. 

Primarily designed for MIG welding, this machine will also perform MMA stick welding just as good with full electronic adjustment of all welding parameters, meaning the output can be adjusted to the exact amperage required via the volt and wire digital display for mig welding and via the digital amp display for mma stick welding. 

This model has an output of 30-200 amps in MIG mode and
25-200 amps in MMA mode with a very high duty cycle of 200 amps @ 60%. The build quality of these machines is good with a metal 4 roll geared wire feed
system, euro connection block, 35-50 dinse sockets and full size undercarriage.

The CROS-ARC 201C MIG/MMA is supplied as a package consisting of: Power source, undergear/cylinder carrier (this requires self assembly), 4m MB25 type mig torch and MMA leads.

Gas regulator not included, separate purchase required.


Power Supply (+15% /-15%) - 230V 1Ph

Fuses A - T30

Regulation Field in MIG - 30- 250A

Regulation Field in MMA - 25-200A

MIG Duty Cycle @ 60% - 250A

MMA Duty Cycle @ 60% - 250A

MMA Electrode Size - 1.6 - 5.0mm

Weight - 55 KG

The CROS-ARC 291C MIG/MMA is a 230V latest technology inverter based power source incorporating a dynamic 4 roll wire feed system and full electronic adjustment of all welding parameters.

The CROS-ARC 291C allows welding in both MIG/MAG and MMA, making it ideal for a wide variety of industries including agricultural, light to medium fabrication and Automotive repair.

Package Includes -

Undergear/ Cylinder carrier

3 Metre Primary cable

2 Metre Gas hose

4 Metre 250A MIG Torch

Earth return lead

MMA Lead

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