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L.E.V. (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Testing

Kemper Profimaster

Whether you are looking to equip your workshop or other manufacturing site with fume extraction facilities, or already have fume extraction equipment on site, we here at PG Merlin can provide the expertise and qualifications necessary to ensure they are L.E.V. (Local Exhaust Ventilation) tested.

If you are looking for new equipment, we can supply machines like the Kemper Profimaster above, fully built and ready to be used straight away. We also test every new piece of equipment and supply C.O.S.S.H. test certification as standard.

If you already have equipment installed, are based in the Kent area and need your equipment to be tested, you can contact us to arrange a visit to test your equipment and supply you with the appropriate cerftification.

Gas Equipment Testing

Another testing service we offer is the testing and certification of gas cutting and welding equipment. Any gas cutting equipment to buy from us can be tested as required and certificates provided by our fully trained and qualified gas inspector. If you are based in the Kent area, we can also go to site to inspect any gas equipment you have and provide certification for it as well.

Repairs & Servicing

Machine Repair

Has your welding machine broken down? Not running like it used to? Or is it just in need of a service? Here at PG Merlin, we have a fully trained engineer available to inspect your machine, assess what repairs may be required and provide a full service.



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