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This range of closed welding heads (SATF series) allows you to make very high quality welds in a minimum space.
These heads have been studied to meet the most stringent welding requirements and in the tightest areas.
This type of equipment is mainly used in the aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceutical or food industries. 

It is essential for welding titanium which is very sensitive to oxidation.

Closed heads provide optimum gas protection (closed chamber) which results in welds with very
limited colouration. They are recommended for welding stainless steel tubes of wall thickness <3

mm in simple fusion without added wire.
The alloy parts of the machine are designed to accept any type of assembly and to offer more
welding possibilities.
A control keypad is integrated into the handle of the machine. It allows you to control all primary functions of the head. The welding cycle is visualized by an LED.

The SATF range, combined with the AXXAIR welding generators and its permanent control of the
welding parameters, guarantees repeatable and quality welding. This type of weld can be
inspected using the most stringent means, such as X-ray inspection.

Flexibility / Productivity

Productivity remains our primary concern. A liquid cooling circuit has been developed to increase the machine life cycle and also to allow a high welding rate.

Quality & Repeatability

Thanks to it's new adjustable closing system and the carefully designed shape of it's jaws, the SATF range allows optimum tube positioning (concentricity between the axis of rotation of the electrode and your tube) while controlling the tightening forces so as not to distort or mark your tubes.


In order to allow you to weld in restrictive conditions and locations, the size and weight of the machines have been optimized. Our welding cable, housed in an ultra flexible and very resistant protective sheath, also facilitates manipulation of the welding head.

The new NDHX heads are used with SAXX range welding stations.
Changes have been incorporated in the upper part, for the closing and flap guide systems. The new adjustable force closing system allows you to precisely set the force of the jaws on the tube to be welded according to its geometry. Closing is more precise and the parts to be welded are better positioned.
The heads are cooled in two ways: on the electrode holder by contact and on the outer aluminium plates in the lower part.
This cooling is essential to guarantee a long service life of the parts because it minimizes distortion effects due to expansion.

SATF Specs Diagram satf max welding capacity Axxair SATF Spec Sheet

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