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GA 122 - 172 - 222 - 322

The success of an orbital weld relies primarily on preparation of the parts to be welded. Of the various
preparation steps, a good quality bevel, which is suitable for the welding
process, is essential.
Following orbital cutting, the face of the tube is perfectly perpendicular and free of burrs. At this point, bevelling is essential to ensure that the weld bead’s geometry is appropriate, particularly on the inside (penetration).

Above a thickness of 3 mm, simple fusion involves a melt volume that is too significant to guarantee proper geometric control of the weld bead.
To remedy this, bevelling reduces the quantity of material to be fused in order to achieve proper penetration.
As a result, several passes are usually needed to finish the weld bead (filling and finishing). The bevel shape is created by the welding equipment used.

Axxair's Unique and PATENTED concept 

Axxair's orbital bevelling machines use a carbide milling head rotating at high speed to remove a large quantity of chips in a single rotation of the tool around the tube (orbital).

This patented process avoids the need for lubricant: no more cleaning/washing of parts before welding!

The carbide inserts' ability to remove chips is 10x greater than those used traditionally with HSS tools.

Flexibility / Productivity

Implementation, setting/adjustment and bevelling are quick and easy. Each machine's diameter range is very broad and does not require specific jaws.

Axxair's frames are scalable for orbital cutting and welding.


The surface created by carbide milling is clean and free of burrs and is, therefore, ready for welding.

Our process also includes a workpiece guide outside if the tube, which takes account of "pipe" ovalisation defects. This ensures that the bevel is more uniform over the entire circumference.


Portable machines, which are easy to move and can be used both on site or in a workshop. Perfect preparation for thick tubes before welding with filler wire.

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