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PG Merlin

28 - Oct - 2014

The only resource to rely on for first class industrial supplies


Welding Supplies in Kent

PG Merlin

Welcome to PG Merlin

Do you need engineering supplies in Kent? From welding supplies in Canterbury to gas cutting equipment in Kent, we can supply it all. Call the experts here at PG Merlin for all of your engineering supply solutions.

Our Services

Delivering quality welding supplies in Canterbury and throughout the local region, here at PG Merlin we are proud to be considered leading specialists in welding, fasteners and engineering supplies, including such products as:

  • Abrasive Supplies
  • Fasteners and Fixings
  • Keeclamp Systems
  • Migatronic Welding Machines
  • Gas Cutting Equipment
  • MIG Welding Equipment
  • TIG Welding Equipment
  • Used Equipment
  • Repair of Welding Machines (in our own on-site workshop)
  • Rent free Oxy Acetylene

Gas Cutting Equipment in Kent: About Us

Local favourites for gas cutting equipment in Kent, we are based in Canterbury and cover most of the South East of England. Our customers recognise our position as industry professionals, supplying from an intimate understanding of the specific requirements of certain industries and the practicality and reliability of the products we supply.

Our clients are spread mainly over the construction, welding and fabrication industries, including general engineers and maintenance firms. All of our staff are experts in their fields.

Having been established for over 26 years, you can be totally assured that we have everything it takes to deliver a first rate service.

Get in Touch

To find out more about PG Merlin, our products or our sister company Merlin Industrial Gases Ltd please call 01227 710846, fax 01227 710847 or email for all your questions answered concerning premier welding and engineering supplies in Kent.

We accept Visa card, Mastercard and Direct Debit card .

  • P&G Engineering & Welding Supplies Limited, Unit 4H Lakesview International Business Park,Sparrows Way, Hersden, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 4JH. Company No. 03012579
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